1.) Camera List

The “Camera List” is your home screen. It displays all your NetCamPro cameras.

From this screen you can:

  • Live View
  • Edit a camera
  • Add a camera
  • Delete a camera.

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2.1.) Live View

To “Live View” a camera click on the image or on the name of the camera.

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2.2.) Edit Camera

To edit the camera, press the circled drop-down arrow.

The “Edit Camera” screen allows you to change the name of the camera how it’s displayed in your app, specify the user that connects to the camera, and set its password. “Reconnect” triggers a manual reconnection attempt if the camera got disconnected.

If you’re using the camera as “admin” you can also change the camera’s admin password through “Modify Password”. More configuration can be found under “Advanced Setting”.

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2.2.1.) Password

Note: Changing the camera’s password only works if the app is set up with the admin user.

Enter your current password once and your new password twice.

Please make sure to create a safe password for all your NetCamPro cameras containing upper and lower characters, special characters, digits, and a length of at least 8 characters.

The factory default password for NetCamPro cameras is:

user: admin

pass: admin

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2.2.2.) Advanced Setting

“Advanced Setting” gives you access to many more option of your NetCamPro camera.

The first item lets you enable/disable “Motion Recording”.

Note: If you are using the camera in Cloud Mode you should not change the Motion Recording setting.

The intensity of the “Microphone” and the volume of the “Speaker” can be adjusted to fit your environment.

Note: Only the NCP2255i has a built-in speaker, for the NCP2475e you need to purchase an external speaker.

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Video Quality lets you adjust the parameters for the primary and secondary stream. If you are in Cloud mode please do not change these settings.

60Hz is the standard for North America and should not be changed.

If you consider mounting your camera upside down enable “Vertical Flip”. If you want your camera mirror the image from one side to another, enable “Horizontal Flip”.

Enable the “On-Screen-Display” to show either the camera’s name, the time, or both.

IR LED will turn the Infra-red LEDs on or off. For taking images and videos at night we recommend leaving this item on.

Recommended and default settings for primary and secondary “Stream Setup”. Please do not change when in Cloud Mode.

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The “Network Setup” lets you configure your camera’s “WiFi Setting”.

Once you press “WiFi Setting”, the camera (not the app) will start scanning and displaying all WiFi networks that are within its range.

Select your WiFi’s SSID from the drop-down menu, enter the password and press “OK”. Connecting to a WiFi can take 30-60 sec, after this time you are safe to unplug the Ethernet cable. Your NetCamPro is now on WiFi.

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“Alarm Actions” lets you configure “Alarm Recording” and Alarm Email”.

“Alarm Recording” lets you set the stream to use for recording videos to the camera’s built-in MicroSD card. The “Post-Recording” is the minimum time the camera will record after motion has been detected. If motion is going on for several minutes, the camera will split the files every 60 seconds.

“Alarm Email” will send you an email every time motion is detected. In the example below we are using a Google account to send out alarms at an “Email Interval” of 5 seconds which means you will be receiving emails every 5 second for as long as the camera detects motion.

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The “Login Account” lets you add new, unprivileged viewing only users. The demo camera at is using a viewing only account.

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The “About” screen shows you information about the camera’s model and version, the total and free space of the MicroSD card, its local IP address on your network and the UPNP status. The about screen also lets you reboot the camera from within the app.

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2.3.) Delete Camera

To delete a camera press the drop-down arrow, then select “Remove Camera”. You will be asked to confirm the removal of the camera.

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3.) Events

“Events” are turned off by default on NetCamPro cameras. This feature is also known as “Push Notification”.

Please note that this feature is not supported by NetCamPro cameras. We recommend using the Email Alerts function that comes with the free Cloud Recording.

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4.) Playback

When “Motion Recording” is enabled and the camera is in Local Mode, all motion activated videos are being recorded to the internal MicroSD card.

Note: In Cloud Mode, videos and images are sent to the Cloud service and won’t be accessible for local playback any more.

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5.) Add Camera

“Add Camera” lets you add all of your NetCamPro cameras to the app for live viewing.

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5.2.) Add (Manual)

“Add” lets you set up a camera whose QR code is not accessible. In addition to the username and password you will also need the UID of the camera for this type of setup.

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5.2.) QR Code Setup

The “QR Code Setup” is the preferred way of setting up your NetCamPro camera. For the NetCamPro NCP2255i indoor cameras you can find the QR Code on the back of the camera at the top. For the NetCamPro NCP2475e the QR Code is printed on a label that’s attached to the Ethernet port cable.

The factory default password for your NetCamPro is:

user: admin

pass: admin

Note: Please make sure to change your admin password!!
(2.2.1.) Password)

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6.) Info

The “Info” screen displays information about the version of your NetCamProLive app.

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